I’ve Officially Mastered English, Where’s My Medal


It’s after midnight here in Japan, though it feels like 3:00am. Blogging at the end of the day is starting to wear on me, but we’re so busy that it’s hard to find any other time. I want so desperately to keep you all informed on our adventures because I’m so excited to share what we’re up to, and I want to give you all the opportunity to pray alongside us if you desire to do so.

I wish there were 5 more hours in the day, and a little more coffee in my body and then I would be able to go on and on about every amazing detail. But before I roll into bed tonight, I just must take the time to share a few pictures and video with you.

We spent the morning and some of the afternoon at Osaka Castle, just down the road from our hotel. The castle is located on spacious and beautiful grounds right in the middle of the city.

One of the buildings on the lot is a temple, a place for people to come seeking to rid themselves of evil spirits and receive blessings from the gods.

It was interesting to observe people as they approached the temple, threw coins into the metal container, clapped their hands loudly, and bowed to pray before the altar. Yes, it was interesting, but also very sad because these people honestly believe that by tossing some money before the shrine, they can ward off evil and invite blessing. We saw parents bring their young children up to the altar with them, teaching them how the tradition was done. It broke our hearts a little to know that this incorrect thinking is being passed on to another generation right before our eyes. While the tradition might not do any harm for some, at the very least it distracts from worshipping the one true God and it encourages the worshipping of idols. It saddens me to know that the people we saw approach the altar have no idea that there is a real and living God that can easily ward off evil and give blessings. He is eager to engage in a relationship with each of them, and I pray that progress will soon be made in their spiritual journey that will lead them toward Jesus.

On a much lighter note, we enjoyed our tour around Osaka Castle, and the boys even got to dress up as samurais! Their action film trailer is below.

In the evening, we participated in the language exchange we handed flyers out for the day before. Remember the video on yesterday’s blog? The flyers we gave to strangers on the street were advertising the language exchange the church hosted this evening. It was definitely the highlight of our trip so far!

I cannot say enough good things about it, as you can tell in the following video. This video was taken right when we got back from the event, and we shot it just so we could tell you all about it first hand!

Well that’s pretty much it for me this blog! Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers! I know it’s difficult to continue praying several days into our trip, so I appreciate you prayer warriors that are forging on!

Tomorrow I will be blogging about our prayer “walk” around the city of Osaka, as well as our experience doing a “street live,” which is basically a music concert in the middle of a busy train station.

Oh, and please leave comments below or on my Facebook so I know this thing is “on.” Ha ha!

Love, Jessica


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  1. That is heartbreaking. I think it really comes full circle when you are in another country that truly doesn’t know the Lord. The real, true God who can do all and heal all. It puts it in perspective for me as I serve in ministry that while people may not throw money towards ivory shrines, but they do worship invisible idols in their hearts believing that it will bless them.

    Loving your blog Jess. hugs!

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