If You Can’t Sing in Japanese, Hum


Today has been another long and glorious day…that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it, this is the day, this is the day, that the Lord hath made. Sorry I couldn’t help but sing a little since we just came from worship team rehearsal, but we’ll get to that in due time.

This post will be filled with more pictures and video and less of me blah blah blahing, since between me and you and anyone who has the internet, I am exhausted and in much need of zzzzz. Don’t worry, I didn’t just fall asleep on you.

In the past few days, after going west when we needed to go east, and exiting gate 6 when we actually wanted gate 1, we’ve nearly mastered the subway system, our main mode of transportation. And by “we” I mean the guys all discuss the map on the subway wall in front of them, and I admire the creative fashion of passersby.

Our trusty subway took us to Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street where we spent most of our day. We walked through street after street filled with shops and small restaurants. The outdoor shopping center had everything from gift shops to stores with traditional Japanese garb, to a 6-story H&M. The center was enormous and was already starting to bustle at 10:00am. One area was called America Street and it was quite entertaining to see what Japan thinks is American. For example, many shops advertised American hot dog ice cream, which is exactly what it sounds like – a hot dog with scoops of ice cream across the top. Something definitely got lost in translation. Jay thinks perhaps the ice cream sandwich was taken too literally. Ha ha!

Eventually we made our way to lunch, and what a lunch it was! I haven’t felt deprived as a vegan in Japan, but I also haven’t felt indulged either…until this meal. Vegetables, brown rice, miso and salad – all with amazing sauces and flavor! I wish this place had a location by my house for goodness sake.

After lunch we met up with Cassidy, a young woman who also works at Mustard Seed, overseeing the children’s ministry. Why oh why don’t I have a picture of her? I’ll get one for you tomorrow for sure. Anyway, once we were quickly acquainted, we divided into groups of two and spread out among the shopping center. Our mission was to hand out flyers for the weekly language exchange hosted by the church. What is that you may ask? Well check out this video of Matt and me explaining it and your questions will be answered!

Though we were exhausted by the hours and hours in the scorching heat and drained by the energy it took to exchange complete strangers in conversation, often enduring rejection, Matt and I were energized by the fact that we were on our way to worship team rehearsal.

Remember Caitlin? Of course you do, I talk about her every blog entry. Well she is the worship leader for Mustard Seed Osaka and every week she meets with the volunteer band to rehearse the songs for service that Sunday. Matt will be singing and playing with them this week, which will be a highlight for both of us. Caitlin was sweet enough to work with Matt prior to the “real” rehearsal, as he needed to brush up on his Japanese. Every week the songs are sung in about 75% Japanese and 25% English. Matt was awesome at the English. Ha ha, I’m just kidding, everyone was quite impressed with how quickly Matt picked up the Japanese words, and they were excited to have another instrument and voice for the week.

Check out this video of Caitlin leading an awesome group of guys, including Matt, in worship rehearsal. It was beautiful to get a front row seat of people worshipping the same God as I do, with songs I sing regularly, but in a totally different language.

After a spectacular rehearsal, the intensity of the day started to hit us, as it was 10:30pm before we were headed back to the hotel. We dragged our rear ends to bed, smiles on our faces, thankful for the days we’ve had and have yet to come.

By the way, we have two twin beds in our room. I feel like Lucy and Ricky! Ha ha! I guess it’s appropriate for a mission trip, but come on, it’s our first mission trip as a married couple!

For those of you who are still reading my blog, thank you so much! I stay up late writing just for you…and a little for me I’ll admit. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing about our visit to Osaka Castle and how the language exchange turned out. It’s going to be a goodie!

Love, Jessica


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  1. TY for creating this blog, and also for staying up late to write it. I have enjoyed every post and I even sent an email to family and friends about this GO Team trip to Japan. I am also following Mike and Matt’s blog, but yours seems to mention more personal observations with a sense of humor I can relate to. PTL – Barbara (KACC member)

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